PlantEd Collective Launch: Five women in the UK cannabis space who are changing the culture and perceptions around the plant


PlantEd Collective is a female-led team working in the cannabis industry, with this weekend marking the launch of their inaugural event showcasing their plans and ambitions. In attendance will be Ricki Lake , the well known TV personality and Abbey Epstein, Director of hit Netflix documentary Weed the People.•Combining the force of five realms of expertise in the cannabis industry – PlantEd Collective aim to empower others by delivering a platform of accessible education tools and promoting health and wellness lifestyles using alternative therapies with the aim to advance a change in the cannabis uk culture.

Through doing so, they open up a world of opportunity to delve into medicinal plants and herbology at a time where society is actively stepping away from the synthetic. They’re mission, to provide a space for those who are looking to restore their relationship with natural treatment methods, in line with the very latest research from around the world.

The launch evening this Sunday, 1st December , being held at the Everyman Cinema in Kings Cross, will be filled with discussions around using cannabis as a medicinal plant and how it can be more accessible for patients and advocates. The evening will feature a discussion on Netflix documentary ‘Weed the People’ followed by a Q&A with the author.

They will also look closer at the Netflix documentary ‘Weed the People’ and chat with its director, Abby Epstein.

They will also be looking further into how informed choices can be made around cannabis and subsequent products that have been popularised recently, the importance of women in this space and how they intend to change the stigma and culture around cannabis in the uk.


Carly Barton, Patient Access said:

“I have been fortunate enough to be in this space, advocating for patients for a long time, and it is an absolute honour to do so. One of the major issues we see in practice is the spread of potentially dangerous information circulating on social media. There is currently no independant, safe place for patients to access educational resources. In my own experience, and in my role advocating for others, I often see great results in people’s general well-being when they start to learn about and connect with plant medicine. It is a very different place to accepting pharmaceutical alternatives that they do not understand, and that they have no human connection to, in my opinion, this keeps people at an arm’s length from their own health and isn’t conducive to conscious healing. I am incredibly proud and fortunate to be working with the PlantEd team to develop some ground-up courses and learning materials that will form the basis of a curriculum for all who wish to explore this fascinating space.

Victoria Logan, Yoga Teacher and Wellness Expert:

“I have had many experiences working with alternative therapies through my teaching of yoga combined with my passion for travel. I have been able to see first hand other cultures implementing alternative rituals and medicines into their lives and it manifesting beautifully. I would now like to use these experiences to combine yoga, meditation, mindfulness and plant based therapies together as I feel they are quite an integral combination and fundamental to a shift in the cannabis culture in the UK”

Liz Dyer, Education:

“ For many years, education has been at the heart of my work. Cannabinoids and plant-based medicine came into my life after I learned that they could support my own health issues by consuming cannabinoids to reduce inflammation. Whilst researching my condition, I recognised that the internet was awash with information but was sceptical as to the accuracy of the information. I have written a number of accessible books to support people, particularly families, to open up discussions about cannabis-based therapies. It is wonderful to be working in this space with such an inspirational team.”

Abby Hughes, former NHS operations manager:

“With so many people developing their interest in plant medicine, being able to build a space where we can encourage a dialogue backed up by the latest research is really quite exciting! Having worked in patient access for over 10 years, and in the medical cannabis industry for the past 5, the thirst patients have to empower themselves with knowledge is evident, however they often are left turning to the minefield of opinions and misinformation scattered across the Internet. Providing bite-size information in a digestible format will allow more people to challenge our current culture of stigma around cannabis, psilocybin and the like, and reconnect with plant medicine and themselves.”

Press passes and interviews available on request. Press Contact: Victoria Logan – – 07803209736

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